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The ivory collection of the museum is one of the largest private collections of ivory by a family in the whole world. All items in the collection are legitimate and are registered with the government. Before going into the details of the collection, we will learn a few facts about ivory so that we can appreciate the collection better.

There are five shelves of beautiful and intricate ivory carvings in the museum. There are hundreds of items in the collection, each one of them beautiful and unique in its own way. The carvings and artefacts in each shelf transport the viewer to different time periods, cultures, religions, and races. Some of the items that will mesmerize and enthral you with its sublime beauty, intricacy and detailing are Indian President's Award winning statue of Shakuntala, two-sided statue of Rama and Krishna, double-sided carving of Lord Vishnu, Geethopadesham, Dasavatharam, antique tortoise shell jewelry boxes with ivory lacework, carving of a herd of elephants, walking sticks and canes of various sizes and shapes, many statues of Virgin Mary, Mary with infant Jesus, Pieta, Christian saints, Buddha, different types of jewel boxes, lamps, penknives, daggers, letter openers hand mirrors, combs, bangles, chains, many ivory paintings, etc.

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