RRK Museum
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RRK Museum


Kerala—God's own country—has a rich and vibrant social, cultural, artistic, and architectural heritage. Many of the old customs, practices, and objects that were integral parts of our heritage no longer exist. The grand old houses, the exquisite and intricate artistic creations, the rituals, etc. have given way to the fast pace of modern life. In the RKK museum one room is dedicated for Kerala—to preserve and showcase the heritage of this beautiful land. The Kerala room at the RKK museum will transport you many decades back and you will be able to see the Kerala architecture, art, and culture in its regal splendour. The floor of the room is made of old terracotta tiles and the ceiling is made of hand carved teak wood in the traditional Kerala style. The Kerala room is full of items that were part of our art, culture and lives in the past. For Malayalees who have seen these items in their childhood, the Kerala room will take them on a trip down the memory lane and will make them nostalgic. For the new generation Malayalees who never had an opportunity to see their ancestral homes and traditions, the Kerala room will kindle an awareness of their heritage. For non-Keralites this room will give an overview of the rich and vibrant heritage of Kerala.

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